Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last-Minute Cross Stitch

Is everyone ready with your Christmas projects? Here are some ideas for last-minute cross-stitching , small patterns you can use for cards or decorations and so on. 

Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas !

free cross stitch patterns

free cross stitch patterns

Saturday, 16 November 2013

THANKS Free Cross Stitch Patterns

free Thanks cross stitch design

Free  Cross Stitch Card
Thank You 


Click on the pics to visit  Alita Designs and  download the charts in PDF  format .

Monday, 23 September 2013

Map of Africa free cross stitch pattern

 "Africa  belongs to everyone who loves it !"

map free cross stitch pattern

A funny map of Afiica cross stitch pattern in PDF format.Feel free to visit the site  and download it !
Colors: 10 DMC
Stitches: 83 x 101
Dimensions: 5.93 x 7.21 inches or 15.06 x 18.32 cm

Saturday, 7 September 2013

New Cardinal Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Hello there,
This is a new free cross stitch pattern  of a red cardinal  for your Xmas projects.
Used almost the same numbers of DMC threads as with  the  Red Cardinal  free patterns.
I will upload the chart as PDF format next week , so feel free to visit  AlitaDesigns to download it .

Fabric: 14 count White Aida
Stitches: 86 x 76
Size: 6.14 x 5.43 inches or 15.60 x 13.79 cm
Use 2 strands of thread for cross stitch
Use 1 strand of thread for backstitch

x   606
-   666
v   498
/   989
.   3818
310  backstitch

"Cardinal " Free Cross Stitch Patern  www,

Friday, 30 August 2013

What's new?

3 new inspiration cross stitch patterns were added  this month :

1.Christmas Motif With Hearts
free cross stitch pattern
Christmas Motif

2.Faith, Hope, Love
free cross stitch pattern

3.Red Cardinal
free cross stitch pattern

All patterns are in PDF format , 14ct Aida white and DMC floss. To download the charts visit

Monday, 1 July 2013

More free cross stitch borders for beginners

I added 2 new free cross stitch patterns this weekend - easy to stitch (counted cross stitches , no backstitches)  motifs for frames , borders etc.
 I recommend them to everyone who wants to try the old hobby of cross-stitching and  learn how to cross stitch. All you need  to start is fabric ( 14 count aida white) and DMC floss (  look at the instructions in PDF files ) on  Alita Designs.
free cross stitch pattern
Cross stitch frame

free cross stitch pattern
Floral cross stitch frame 

How to cross stitch

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

4th of July - Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Fourth of July celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Here is a list of free cross stitch patterns about this theme posted on AlitaDesigns :

1. IN GOD WE TRUST ( A new pattern added today , 25 June 2013

free cross stitch pattern

2. 4th of July
free cross stitch pattern

3. 4th of July No.2
free cross stitch patterns

 Happy Birthday America!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cherry Free Cross Stitch Pattern

free cross stitch pattern
Cherry Couple

"Cherry Couple "  is the is the next  free cross stitch  pattern added on  AlitaDesigns  yesterday in PDF format .
To download and print the chart visit

Another free cherries pattern you might like is :

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dusty Rose Biscornu Pattern

A new free biscornu pattern was added on AlitaDesigns today .
Stitches : 47 x 47
Colors : 2 DMC
Fabric:14 count Aida white
Free cross stitch pattern
Dusty Rose Biscornu

Thursday, 30 May 2013

1 motif - 2 free cross stitch patterns

Hello there

We added  2 new free cross stitch patterns at  AlitaDesigns based on a traditional Bulgarian cross stitch designs and contain full cross stitches and backstitches.Designed for 14count Aida but you can use another fabric to stitch it as table-cloth,table runner, napkins,biscornu and whatever you want .
Visit the site to download the chart in PDF format .
Happy Stitching !

Bulgarian Motifs.Biscornu
Bulgarian Motif No4

Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Biscornu Cross Stitch Pattern
Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Bulgarian Traditional Cross Stitch 

More free Bulgarian cross stitch  patterns from AlitaDesigns:

free pattern by
Bulgarian Motif 

Bulgarian Motif No. 2

Bulgarian Motifs and Borders

Completed biscornu examples based on the free patterns:

Builgarian Girl with a traditional folk costume 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

New 100% free cross stitch patterns for download and printing in PDF format

free cross stitch pattern
Mini Sampler

Free cross stitch pattern
Mini Sampler ABC

free cross stitch bookmark
Happy Home Happy Life

free cross stitch pattern

free cross stitch pattern
Feel free to visit  to download the patterns in PDF  format . Happy Stitching ! :-) Lydia

Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter !

Free Cross Stitch Pattern by
Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

Fabric: 14 count White Aida
Stitches: 47 x 61 Size: 3.36 x 4.36 inches or 8.53 x 11.07 cm
Colours: DMC
Use 2 strands of thread for cross stitch and 1 for backstitch

  •  825 Sea blue . 
  • 3024 Pale steel grey
  •  553 Amethyst violet 
  •  822 Cotton cream
  •  321 Red 
  •  310 Black
  •  703 Springtime green 
  •  973 Daffodil yellow
  •  3761 Light Sky Blue
  • Use 1 strand of thread for backstitch DMC 310 Black

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

EASTER Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Free Cross Stitch Pattern by
Easter Basket

  • Colors : 11 DMC
  • Stitches:  34 x 37 
  • Fabric :  14 count aida white
To download and print the chart in PDF format   click  here .

Here is another variation of the pattern, I added the text EASTER , frame of 1/2 stitches  and more details.


Free Cross Stitch Pattern by
Easter Basket  2

  • Stitches :  52 x 50 
  • Colors: 11 DMC 
  • Fabric :  14 count White Evenweave 
The chart will be added soon on our facebook page. Feel free to visit us !

Saturday, 16 March 2013

2 new free cross stitch patterns by AlitaDesigns

Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Tropical Fish

Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Floral Biscornu

We added 2 new free cross stitch patterns on
  • Tropical Fish 
  • Floral Biscornu
To download the charts in PDF format visit the site .
Happy Stitching !