Thursday 30 May 2013

1 motif - 2 free cross stitch patterns

Hello there

We added  2 new free cross stitch patterns at  AlitaDesigns based on a traditional Bulgarian cross stitch designs and contain full cross stitches and backstitches.Designed for 14count Aida but you can use another fabric to stitch it as table-cloth,table runner, napkins,biscornu and whatever you want .
Visit the site to download the chart in PDF format .
Happy Stitching !

Bulgarian Motifs.Biscornu
Bulgarian Motif No4

Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Biscornu Cross Stitch Pattern
Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Bulgarian Traditional Cross Stitch 

More free Bulgarian cross stitch  patterns from AlitaDesigns:

free pattern by
Bulgarian Motif 

Bulgarian Motif No. 2

Bulgarian Motifs and Borders

Completed biscornu examples based on the free patterns:

Builgarian Girl with a traditional folk costume 

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